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When the Royal Yacht Squadron decided to refurbish the Pavilion, Vivus Interiors was our go-to designer for the project. Having been involved with several waterfront projects we knew they would have an empathy with the site and she quickly understood what we wanted to achieve in this iconic building which has hosted many international sailing events over the 22 years it has been in place, and was now in need of an update. Vivus’s scheme took all our requirements into account and we loved the scheme – most importantly they were great to work with. We cannot recommend Vivus Interiors highly enough.

Martin, Vice Commodore, The Royal Yacht Squadron
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Why are visualisations useful?

If you are planning an extensive renovation, extension or changing the layout of your house - removing walls and opening up spaces, a visualisation might be exactly what you need prior to spending out on large scale renovations. Or perhaps you have a business and would like to deliver the new proposed scheme to your customers, or board members.  

3D renders can really help to convey the design intent realistically, and we can even provide a walkthrough video. 

Meanwhile, 2D sketches can help to quickly capture an artistic impression of ideas and concepts and can help to portray atmosphere. These can be purely conceptual based on early ideas, or can be much more specific and detailed, including the furniture and finishes you have specified.

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3D Visualisations

Here's a few 3D examples to show the different kind of projects we get involved in - these include projects for: Ferry terminals, hotels, clinics and schools, to private residential projects.

Sketch Visualisations

We offer sketch visuals (as standard) as part of our design package, these type of visuals give you a more artistic, abstract, or conceptual feel. They are particularly useful so we can demonstrate decor items or furniture we have specified in your room. We use a photo of your space and overlay it to create a sketch. We can show tones of floor finishes, wall colour and fabric on furniture or curtains to give you an idea on how it will look in your room, see examples below...




Visualisations from, £375

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