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Case Study: The Courtyard Aesthetic Clinic

Aesthetic Clinic Design

Project Discovery

When we were approached about designing a state of the art aesthetic clinic, we were thrilled with the new challenge. We met with the client, Dr. Hayley Elsmore at the proposed site, a large unit which was being used as an office space on a business park in Newport on the Isle of Wight.

Before we start with any design, we spend quite some time researching the industry sector and analyse the competitors. We consider this process to be key to the ultimate success of the project. Even though our timeline for design delivery was tight, we took the time to learn everything we needed to know before we started any design work.
Before Photos:

Upon the site visit whilst the space was fairly uninspiring, straight away we knew that; 


  • The location was great for capturing future business for the clinic as it is set on a professional location

  • The format of the space was excellent with pre existing WC within the entrance corridor, so no need for creating these new spaces

  • With an existing glazed back door with views of trees and shrubs just outside the door, this  gave a calming link to nature in what was otherwise quite a dark condensed space.

The Brief:

We were very lucky to have a client like Hayley who knew the direction and was clear from the outset. The overriding impression she wanted to create was one of high end, luxury, medical aesthetics. Hayley wanted the whole experience to be fantastic, from the moment of entering the clinic, the welcome of the receptionist and impressive waiting area, to a white, clean, clinical trustworthy treatment area to the amazing clinical result. 


We discussed that the palette should be muted and Hayley wanted a lot of white as this represented a clean and clinical environment. Whilst the treatment areas would be clinical, she wanted the reception and washroom to be the areas where we could inject the feeling of luxury. 


As Hayley is a medical professional and a former GP and for a number of years has enjoyed a successful career in aesthetics, her ethos is to combine science and art to create beautiful natural harmonious results. She was keen for this to be reflected in the environment of the clinic as well as her clinical results. 


Schematic Design


We were tasked to fit into the space a kitchen, waiting area, store room, reception, office, three treatment rooms and two WC’s. With the room currently being open planned, we produced a schematic plan which evolved quickly. Our main thoughts were the reception had to be the first sight upon entry, and we used the existing windows to give us our main layout of the treatment rooms. 


We were keen to introduce a real focal point upon entry which would also elevate the whole design, in this instance being a curved wall with LED lighting, and within the curved wall would  be Hayley’s office. 

Design Development

With a layout design in place, we developed the design focusing on each area, focal points, lighting, colours and texture. 


Considering this was a medical clinic, we knew that we didn’t want it to appear too clinical and sterile with the colour palette. We felt that the client should feel that they are in a calming, professional environment and wanted the overall impression to be one that they are in a safe place, therefore we kept the tones muted and used the skirting and woodwork to create more depth by opting for a darker shade.

We always include elements of biophilic design within our projects and this is no exception. In our design proposal we included natural materials, and where the space does not have an abundance of natural light, we proposed murals of plants and botanics. As the design developed we worked with the artist to produce murals with line art of women and men depicting confidence blooming, which very much resonated with Hayley and how her main aim is to make her clients feel confident in their skin.

Lighting was also a key factor in this project. We included a beautiful feature cluster pendant light to frame the corner of the room for the waiting area and each treatment room had their own halo pendant light above the treatment couches. 


We wanted to include slatted wood into the project as this appeared in Hayley’s early inspiration images, and we did this by bringing it into the treatment rooms and hallway in the door fronts of all cabinetry. The treatment rooms cabinets were to be finished off with smooth Corian with moulded sinks and medical taps. 


We produced 3D visualisations which provided the client with a sense of the architecture of the space, conceptual images helped Hayley to visualise the ideas and the specific furniture imagery gave her a sense of exactly what we were proposing. 


In the final phase of design, we pull all of the concepts into a set of documents that provides a road map for the main contractor.  This is where we finalise every last detail, how things will be built, lighting and electrics plan, etc.  Our detailed drawings and visualisations allow the contractor to understand every intention within the design in order to properly execute the build.  These documents create a way for all of the collaborators to remain on the same page to ensure the final product is as the design intended. What’s more, we pride ourselves on working seamlessly with the main contractors so if any issues arise we can find solutions straight away.


With only 3 months on site to remove all existing suspended ceiling, carpets, erect new dividing walls and construct all other areas such as the curved wall, decorating, electrics, plumbing etc, Acorn Interiors did an amazing job pulling all of this together in such a short time frame, with incredible results.


(Above) In order to make the design work with the exact placements of the halo lighting and treatment couches, the measurements needed to be exact and allow for circulation around the couch for the therapist. (Above right) Acorn Interiors built a wall with a void which would be our area for visual merchandising and display of the products. 

Screen Shot 2021-11-21 at 08.34.58.png

Occasionally if the project requires it we get involved in the web design. This can be helpful because we already understand the brand and we incorporate the same style and design through the website as we have done in the interiors, so the design is cohesive.


Successful projects like this takes an enormous amount of collaboration, from client to design team to builder and everything in between. Many thanks to Dr Hayley Elsmore for believing in us and trusting our design, being open to all ideas and generally for being a fantastic client! 


See details below for all the main parties involved in this project and if you’d like to see more more images from The Courtyard Aesthetic Clinic, view them in our portfolio.

Fancy a walkthrough of the clinic? Click below!
Project Details

Project: The Courtyard Aesthetic Clinic

Main Contractor: Acorn Interiors

Interior Design: TML Creative

Mural artist: Chloe Alexandra Studios

Photography: Holly Jolliffe

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