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Home Design Consultation,  Gift Certificate


Home Design Consultation, Gift certificate


This is a perfect gift for anyone who is interested in interior design and looking to update their home or who needs a little advice and guidance on a particular room or area. Perhaps you know they aren't happy with the flow of the space, how to make the room connect to other rooms in the house, or unsure about the layout and function of the rooms. They just might need advice regarding furniture, fabrics or colours.

The gift recipient will have one full hour with me - in person or remotely by Zoom, to talk through their design dilemmas and ask me advice. They can even have swatches or samples ready to show us that they have planned for a room, or ideas for a house extension etc. The purpose of this hour is to help with design issues and to give support.

After our consultation, we will email the recipient the notes from our meeting and include all the suggestions made by us during the session. we will also include any imagery or links to back up our suggestions.



What's included?

How does it work?


When you purchase your voucher below, please enter your details and we will be in touch to find out the recipients name and address and whether you would like the voucher to be sent by email or post.


Where do we meet?


Following the BIID (British Institute of Interior Design) guidelines, interior designers are able to continue to visit project sites during lockdown, following the government guidelines on working safely. (I ask for travel reimbursement depending on distance i.e. if not on the Island), therefore we are still able to visit clients homes.

For clients who are shielding or vulnerable, or simply prefer to have an online consultation, er am offering remote sessions by phone or video call. We can also meet clients at a mutually agreed venue (cafe etc.) 

How much?


The home design gift certificate costs £50 for one hour and includes a post-appointment summary. 



I have been given a voucher, should I prepare anything?


The more you have prepared, the more I will be able to help you! Bring photos of your house (on your phone) if we aren't meeting at the house, magazine clippings of ideas that have sparked your interest, and share your Pinterest board with me so I can see your preferred design style. I will also ask you lots of questions - how you live, members of your family - ages etc - there is a lot of detail which needs to be thought about when designing your spaces, to make sure the desired outcome functions and looks beautiful!

All recipients of this voucher (and you) will receive 10% off future design services with TML Creative.

Additional bonus:

Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, you will be given the option for the recipients name and personal message to be included (if you would like for the recipient to receive the certificate by email). 

Bespoke digital gift certificate:



Please enter your details. You will receive a confirmation email requesting the recipients details and how you would like the voucher to be sent to the recipient (by email or post) or direct to you.

Thanks for your order!

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